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Cultural Awareness

The Cultural Awareness courses have been developed to support individuals and organisations, and state and federal departments to increase their awareness, knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Individual subscriptions for courses are priced at $95 per user, offering unlimited viewings for twelve months from the date of subscription. Discounts are available for students. Businesses and organisations benefit from corporate discounts on group subscriptions.

Connect & Learn

Presented in a format that allows you to log on to learn quickly and easily, our courses can be completed in under an hour.

Personal Development

Our courses will provide you with knowledge to better engage with Indigenous communities professionally and personally.

Low Cost

Our courses are offered at low cost for greater accessibility. To get an even lower cost, contact us for group discounts.


All courses play a role in fulfilling your organisation’s commitment to meeting the targets outlined in your state or territory’s Indigenous Procurement Policy, contributing to overall expenditure.


Cultural Awareness (Advanced)

Engage effectively with contemporary Indigenous people. Navigate legal compliance, cultural knowledge, and service delivery using facts and statistics as your guide.


Cultural Awareness (Foundational)

This course provides guidance on how to demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity when engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at work and in social interactions. 


Acknowledgement of Country

It is important whether you are an observer or an organiser of an Acknowledgement of Country, to make sure the cultures come together in an appropriate manner. We show you how.


Welcome to Country

Not sure if you need a Welcome to Country or who should do it? We provide you with the knowledge to ensure it is performed with cultural integrity. 


Traditional Owner

Traditional Owner is a term heard often, but commonly misunderstood. We show you how to find the Traditional Owners for your area so you engage with the right people for Country.


City Series - Brisbane

What happens when there are no Traditional Owners? You will examine issues arising from naming a particular group of people in Brisbane, and the impact it may have on your organisation.



If you interact with Indigenous stakeholders, then you need to know when to apply the titles Elder, Uncle, and Aunty, and when not to.



Learn Indigenous due diligence for respectful engagement. Gain insights, ask informed questions, and build solid relationships through understanding and respectful interaction.

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Corporate Discount

Discounted course packages are available for all organisations and businesses for bulk enrolments, providing an opportunity for cost savings on subscriptions.

I just completed the Cultural Awareness (Advanced) course and was impressed by the structure and course content. It is well set out and explains concepts in a systematic and easy to follow manner. There is a good balance between video, readings, and content.

Matthew Jones - Malu Pty Ltd

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